Our Campuses

Pre School Provision

 Our pre school teachers are Early Years professionals who understand the importance of play and exploration for Pre School learners.
Our play areas are colourful and inviting and, because we know children love the outdoors, our outside playground is well shaded, has lush artificial grassing and regularly rotated facilities that improve social and physical skills. 

Early Years Campus

This campus accommodates our Nursery 3 and Reception classes (Foundation One - equivalent to KG1 and KG2).

Children, parents and visitors access the facility via the lobby and reception desk. The building has six spacious classrooms and an indoor gathering and play area. A teaching kitchen is located on the ground floor with an Arabic room on the first floor.

Shaded and matted outside areas at the front and rear provide ample space and equipment for children to play, explore and participate in games and PE activities. Bathrooms and changing areas are en suite in all classrooms.

Campus for Grades 1-7

Our facilities are accessed via two entrance gates, Gate 1 leading to the Key Stage One building (for Grade 1 and 2 children). Gates 2 and 3 leading to classrooms for Grade 3 to 7.

Visitors enter the campus by Gate 1 and report to the Administration Office, adjacent to the Key Stage One building.

The buildings accommodate ten Home Rooms and 5 Subject Rooms for Arabic, ICT, Music, Science and Cooking. There is also a library accessed by all students. Classrooms have bathrooms and changing areas en suite.

The classrooms open out onto four play areas, two with play equipment, and the other two designated for games and PE. All outside play areas are shaded and have artificial grass and protected surfaces.